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Joel & Judith

Children Of Destiny

Judith and her brother Joel were from the slums of Mumbai. There was a dispute between their parents. The father poured kerosene and set his wife ablaze. The wife grabbed her husband and clung to him until they were both burnt alive.

Judith witnessed this traumatic incident and fell into a state of shock, whilst Joel was too young to understand what had happened. Their aunt took them to another slum where their uncle was a drunkard, but he did not want to shoulder any responsibility towards the orphans. Therefore, their aunt handed them over to ALM. 


Initially, they were emotionally disturbed. Judith was always in tears and did not speak for four months, as she could not forget the painful memory. With much counseling she was set free from trauma and healed. Now, she has completed Std. XII, while Joel has done Std. X.

Daughter Of Dignity

Dignisha was abandoned by her parents

when she was one year.

She was brought to ALM by a social worker. ALM accepted Dignisha as she was, and took care of her and educated her as well.

The good news is that she has completed Std. X.

Orphaned But Not Alone

Sunny was brought by his mother to ALM when he was a year old. But in 2012 his mother passed away.


Now, he is eleven years old, an orphan, but part of the Jubilee Family. He is now studying in ALAc in Std. VI.

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